Thursday, May 1, 2014

Change Your Perspective - Child Photography

Contrary to what some may think there is much more to photography than just the push of a button. Whether you find yourself an amateur, professional, hobbyist, or a parent trying to catch some great pictures of your little ones, change your perspective next time you are taking pictures of a little one.

While there is definitely a need and want for the straight on photos that show where you are and what your child is doing, look a little deeper and you may end up with some great pictures that show you a little more than you realize, and will end up being favorites of yours in the long run.

Little hands trying to figure out how a birthday noise maker works.

Aunt and nephew on a boat for the first time. Heads together for warmth and comfort.

Playing in a park on an old mining train. 

Curiously exploring a carved pumpkin on a first Halloween.

Sidewalk Chalk a favorite summer pastime.

This side shot of a boy playing in balls shows a bit of his personality and his size in relation to the balls.

Playing hide and go seek with cousins at a summer wedding.

Checking out the garden accessories.

Hungrily eyeing a cake…..

Waiting as mom talks to the adults...

Dad's Cowboy hat.. captures sweet little cheeks.


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