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Twelve 12 Days of Christmas Ideas

Last week we had a post on the 12 Days of Christmas about taking pieces of the nativity mixed with small gifts and giving them to a friend, neighbor, family member etc. for the 12 days of Christmas. There are so many fun things and variations of this you can do. I've put together 12 ideas from several blogs and online sights. Hopefully you can get some ideas of your own and/or use some of these below mixed with your own to make for a fun Christmas activity to do with your kids or family.

I love the idea of doing the 12 days of Christmas for someone that does not know it is you and/or for someone that needs to be remembered during the season. My family always did it as a child and my sisters and I have continued to pick a family each year and do the 12 Days of Christmas to them. Don't be discouraged if you miss a day or two. Just put two days of items together. It is still very worth your time to do it.

I hope you can find a way to make it part of your Holiday traditions. Enjoy the ideas.

12 Days of Cookies! 

A cookie a day from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Make these with your kids, give some and keep some!
12 Days of Christmas Cookies

12 Days of Christmas Kindess

As Little Lucy Lu says on her blog this will cost a little bit of money but is very worth it. You can alter it to do things that fit within your budget!

12 Days of Christ's Gifts To the World

You can find an item that goes with each tag or use a treat.

12 Days of Christmas Journal/Book

Use this as you like. 1- Have your family do things for others each of the 12 days and at night have every family member write in it what they did that day. At the end of the 12 days you'll have a "service book" of how your family helped others this season. 2-Make the book for someone saying what you'll do for them each day. 3-Fill it out with the Nativity story. Color pictures, add your own pictures. This would be great for Grandparents or other family.
project minibook 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS
Etsy-BanannaFishStudio's Shop

12 Days BEFORE Christmas
This is more for your individual family. Each day for the 12 days before Christmas do an activity together. Or take a picture a day for the 12 Days before. At the end of 12 days you'll have made some great family memories and as a plus hopefully it will help you get to do all of the Holiday things that you want to during the month of December if you focus on 1 a day.
12 Days of Christmas Album

12 Days Ring and Run for Kids
This is great for small kids. Small items that can be left on a doorstep and represent a part of the 12 Days of Christmas Song. Tip Junkie has some cute poems and printables that you can download to do this.
12 Days of Christmas-Ring and Run

12 Days of Christmas Activities Banner
This idea is similar to an advent calendar. A Banner for each of the 12 days contains ideas for you to do each day inside the box. You could do this for your family, make it for another family and include a scripture for each day that goes with the nativity story, or just include small treats for each day.

12 DATES of Christmas

Really cool idea from The Dating Divas. Put together 12 Dates for you and your spouse. One for each month of the year. Rather then packing 12 dates into the 12 days of Christmas which is near impossible with Christmas parties, Childrens activities, and Holiday Prep. They give ideas or you can make your own.

12 Days of Nativity Scriptures

See our guest blogger from last week. She used scriptures from the LDS website to go with her nativity pieces that she will be giving for each night.

12 Days of Christmas. Christ centered scripture and activity for each day.

12 Days of Christmas Song

Similar to the Ring and Run from above this poem has items that somewhat match the 12 Days of Christmas song. You can attach the poem piece and the item you'll be giving.
[12 Days of Christmas webb versi[5].jpg]

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

I found this on Pinterest and could not find a site to link it up to. But use  a bulletin board piece or make your own . Then find an ornament a day for the 12 Days of Christmas and have your children hang them each day. Or make this a gift for someone.
12 days of christmas
Pinterest-Couldn't find the link of who to credit it to.

12 Days of Christmas-Classic

This idea from the Crafting Chicks is just a simple 12 Days of Christmas with random gifts of your choosing.


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