Friday, January 24, 2014

Over 25 Valentine Ideas For Men

It seems Holidays get bigger and better every year. When I was a child Valentines was mainly for kids it seemed, with class parties at school and Valentines handed out to kids in the class. Over the past few years Valentines along with all of the other holidays have turned into holidays for everyone no matter your age or gender rather than just being for kids. Some go all out which is fun while others like to stay simple. Here are some ideas for both. Get creative and have fun with the holiday of love!

Get Cheesy with Pick Up Lines

"Is your daddy a Baker? Because you've got a nice set of buns!"
-Cinnammon rolls with breakfast in bed or breakfast on the go.

"Hershey's makes millions of kisses a day...all I'm asking for is one from you."

-Bag of Hershey Kisses

"I'm not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together."

-Make a photo book and make it as elaborate or simple as you'd like. One of your favorite dates, or your engagement story, or the reasons you love them. Photobooks are available from Costco, Shutterfly, York Photo, Walmart, and many others.
Cupid Kit
Make your own "Cupid Kit". Again you can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Fill it will favorite candies, chocolates, little notes with reasons you love and appreciate them. Make the sack bigger and add a gift if you'd like. Add movie tickets, a favorite book, the sky is the limit.

The Man Can
I love the name of this one… the Man Can. Either order this can which is full of men "beauty" products OR go to home depot and pick up a bucket and make your own Man Can. Similar to the Cupid Kit above you can fill it with whatever you would like. Have the kids help you and fill it with home made valentines, treats, and dollar store funny finds. Or make your own and fill it with whatever your husband likes.
Make A Man-Quet as in Bouquet
Start with is favorite drink, wrap with his favorite magazine, and fill the insides with his favorite treats and what do you have a man bouquet. 

For the Sports Lover 
Real Baseball Heart from the Shabby Works on This heart is made from a real baseball and can be done with the red stitching on or off. A cool keepsake that is definitely a little different. Turn it into a Christmas ornament, let him hang it in his car from the mirror, put it in the house or man cave somewhere. Definitely a cute Valentine!

Classic Cards
The classic Valentine card is always a safe bet. Look around and find a funny one that fits your situation. Most men are not about the mush of the holiday but prefer to keep it lighthearted! Find a funny saying you like and add it to your own card that you make on your own! Use funny pick up lines or a saying that they two of you use often.

Small Packages or Date in a Tube
Fill toilet paper rolls with small treats and gifts and wrap them in Valentine themed paper. Small packages are fun for anyone to unwrap. Think of a fun date night and include all the items needed in the tube. Movie tickets, tickets to a sporting event or something you've been wanting to see. A menu from a favorite restaurant. Just a little note saying what the date will be. If you are extra ambitious do 12 so you have one for each month until next Valentines rolls around.

Heart Art
Follow the link to and make a piece of Heart Art with the words of your choosing. Have it framed or turn it into a one of a kind Valentine card.


52 Reasons I love you 
Find a pack of cards and make a book of 52 reasons you love them.

Message IN a Bottle
Create a message in a bottle. You decide what goes inside. Fill with m&m's or whatever you choose if the opening will allow it. Decorate the outside with fun Valentine paper and ribbons.

Message ON a Bottle
Make a message on his favorite bottled drink. Find a six pack of drinks or simply use a 2 liter. 
"Dew you want to be my Valentine?" -Mountain Dew
"My Dr. says I'm lacking Vitamin U!"- Dr Pepper

Valentine Pretzel Buttons
Surprise your Valentine with these chocolate treats that are both salty and sweet!

Heart Shaped Treats
Nothing says Valentines Day like the classic heart. Use these ideas for inspiration to make some of your favorite treats heart shaped!

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Heart Shaped Cookies

Heart Shaped Rice Crispies

Heart Shaped Cake

xoxo cupcakes

Send A Heart Attack
For the Valentine away… in the military, traveling for work, or whatever the case may be, get creative and send your Valentine a heart attack. Use a large manilla envelope or a box and stuff it with hearts. Include your valentine somewhere in the middle. Your Valentine will be pleasantly surprised when they open their package and are greeted by hearts galore. Write memories or reasons you love them on each of the hearts if you are feeling like going the extra mile.

Write Your Own Love Story
Visit Love book online to write the story of your choosing. Books will come bound and illustrated with stick people.

Customized Picture Names
For $45 dollars you can have a personalized name or set of names made for your Valentine. More of a Do It Yourself type person? Pick out your favorite pictures and cut them into letters. Find a frame that fits and you are done!

Personalized Where We Met Puzzle
Turn a favorite photo or a map of where you met into a puzzle. It  comes in a box with a heart and ready to go for Valentines Day! $39.95 at Red Envelope.

Classic Cards
The classic Valentine card is always a safe bet. Look around and find a funny one that fits your situation. Most men are not about the mush of the holiday but prefer to keep it lighthearted!

Memory Frame
Make a memory frame from either a favorite memory the two of you share or something that he did earlier in the year. A hike, a race, a vacation, the big hunt, anything. Include a picture, and then words or your choosing all around the picture. Frame as you'd like.

DIY Meat Rub 
Make your own meat rub for his favorite meats on the grill and put it in a container with Valentine decor. Recipe available at Better Homes and Gardens.

Post It Heart
Use post it notes to write the reasons you love them. Stick them all together in a heart as pictured or just do the outline of a heart. Stick the notes on the wall, bathroom mirror, on the car windshield or other window, in his office, etc. anywhere that is not expected.

Cute Candy Bar Phrases
Use favorite candy bars and treats to make a personalized valentine. Get creative and you can turn most things into a play on words of some kind.
Glad we can SNICKER together. -Snickers
YOR(K) the best. -York Peppermint Patties
Love you to PIECES. -Reeses Pieces
You are quite the catch. -Swedish Fish
There would be a hole in my heart without you. -Doughnuts

Balloons Say it Best
This would definitely require a bit of work but would be very festive for your Valentine. Do dozens as seen in the picture or simply do a dozen and attach a heart on each balloon. Put them in the house somewhere they will make an impact when seen. 



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