Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simple Family Home Evenings: Daniel and the Lions Den Lion Masks

While perusing, (yes perusing… you have to slowly wander so you have time to see what is there and what can be done with it) the Dollar Tree a month or so ago I found a wooden lion mask for a dollar. I immediately picked it up because my little ones loves animals and since we are trying to focus on bible stories for our Family nights I thought it would work perfect for that. So simple.

If your local Dollar Tree does not carry them or is out don't worry a simple paper plate will work just as well. 

Look around the house to see what you have to work with and use that. Yarn, construction paper, noodles, crayons and markers, really anything you can glue down for the mane or just have kids color their plate and cut holes in it for them.

Tell the story of Daniel and then have the kids make their own lion. Good luck!


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