Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY MINI Catapult

Snowed in with either snow or cold temperatures? Make this Mini Catapult with your kids and have some fun launching all kinds of things from balled up pieces of paper, to small candies, to beans, or fruit loops. The best part of this is you most likely have everything you need to make it lying around the house somewhere. Make adjustments if needed.

You'll need a small scrap of wood, preferably a small piece of a 2x4 but experiment. I'm sure a variety of things would work. A large popsicle stick, a clothes pin and a lid from a bottle of juice or a jug of milk. 

Glue the clothes pin to the edge of the 2x4

Glue the popsicle stick to the clothes pin.

Glue the lid to the end of the clothespin.


  • Place small wadded up papers, fruit loops or cheerios or other pieces of cereal, dried beans, anything small and light into the cup and pull it down a bit. Let go and watch it fly.
  • Test your catapult to see how far it can throw your items and them make targets for your kids to try and hit.
  • If you homeschool or use this for a learning activity ask question and have to plates one for yes and one for no have the kids try to land their object on the right answer.
  • Make several and build lego cities to go with them. See if your kids can practice getting items over lego walls.


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