Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Photo Ideas For Your Kids

As much as I absolutely love the big Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas I also love the smaller Holidays that are a day or two…. maybe a week of small fun activities. In this case Valentines day. Valentine parties at school, handmade Valentines for Family, telling those you care about that you love them. (Shame on you if Valentines is the only day of the year you say it. :))

Pictures around Holidays can be really fun with kids especially if you get creative. Here are a few ideas for you if you plan on making your own cards, if you want to try something with props and set the scene or if you are looking for a few quick and cute photos to savor the holiday. 

Be creative and have fun and remember when you are shooting with kids to always be prepared with extra patience and plenty of time. You'll have to do it on their time table. Not your own! Have FUN!

  • Add cute sayings to your pictures to make it a Valentine Card.

Mustache you to be my valentine..
  • Silly jokes work on Children's pictures.

  • Missed Christmas Cards? Try this funny one out.

  • Pets need love too.

  • Companies like Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, and York will make Valentines for you if you'd rather not deal with it. Simply add a photo and they'll take care of the rest.

  • Create a flat scene and simply add the baby!

  • Homemade bow and arrows are easy to make and will turn your little one into a cute little Cupid.

  • Kids can help make simple Valentine garlands that can become a part of your photos. Making them Valentine Photos does not have to be hard. Simply cut out hearts and string them together.

  • Use Children's Valentines that they have made themselves for your props. You'll cherish the memories of sweet shots like these.

  • Valentines is not just for girls. Find a way to take pictures of your boys with out them feeling girly. This is a great idea for handsome little guys. They look adorable.

  • Make something like this out of cardboard or simply add it to the photo later with simple editing programs like pic monkey.

  • Iron on a quick heart to a simple white onesie. Or see if you can get a paper one to stick long enough for your picture.

  • Chalk boards are all the rage right now and allow you to say whatever you'd like. For example. Kisses 25 cents, Be Mine, You're Sweet. Grandma's Sweetheart. etc. 

  • Use feet for the "V" in love. 

Andrea Geldres Photography

  • Heart Confetti blown toward the camera. This would also work with any type of red or pink confetti. It would not necessarily have to be hearts.

  • The classic kiss photo. Do the whole body or just one on a tiny foot.
  • The best for last. While taking pictures make sure you are prepared to get the great expressions in between shots. You may find that your favorite photos are not the ones you thought they would be.


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