Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Boy has more "Friends" than he thinks-Happy Birthday Colin

Meet Colin. He is turning 11 on March 9th. When his mother asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he didn't want to have a party because he did not have any friends to invite to the party.

Eating alone in the office during lunch this story definitely pulls at your heart strings. Such a cute little boy and to feel that way….

Mom's response? She set up a secret Facebook page for her son hoping to get some replies from family and close friends of the family on the page so that she could show him just how many friends he had. Little did she know that the page would explode with "Likes". At the time of this posting The Happy Birthday Colin Page is at over 701 thousand likes. I love this mom for doing this for her son and I love this little boy for doing his thing everyday even though it may not be easy. Wish him the best!

If you find the page on Facebook you'll be greeted by hundreds of comments and notes to young Colin for his birthday. The story has been featured on the Ellen show and the news. 

Mom is still trying to keep it a secret until his birthday when she can surprise him with his new friends. 
If you have a minute you can find the Facebook page here...
 Or simply log in to your account and type Happy Birthday Colin in the search bar and you'll find it.

Leave a Happy Birthday message to Colin before March 9th. Let this little boy know how much he is loved!

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