Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Nutty Boats from Walnuts

These boats are so easy to make, kids love them, and you need items that you probably already have on hand. I have used these for several different occasions: Birthday parties, Pirate themed parties, just for fun on a rainy day, I'm church to talk about Noah and the Ark, and around Thanksgiving for the ships that the pilgrims were in. You chose what you want to use it for and I'll show you how to make it. 

This is the way that has worked for me, change it if you have different supplies or different needs. If you are doing it for a larger group I highly suggest doing some of the prep work beforehand so all you have to do is assemble.

Walnuts-one half for each boat
Nut cracker
Scrap paper
Hot glue gun and glue
Markers or crayons
Water in a tub, bin, sink, sandbox, etc.

How To:
Crack the walnut and scrape out the nut inside.

Glue the toothpick to the bottom of half of the walnut shell.

Cut small squares from the paper to create sails.

Have children decorate their sail.

Slightly bend the paper and run the toothpick up the middle so it forms a sail. (I like to have extra sails for each child because if their boat happens to tip in the water and get wet they will want another one.)

Take your boats to water and have fun! 
Make sure children are always supervised around water!


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