Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Photo Tips

Stumbling along the bumpy road of learning to take great photographs can be quite daunting. Remember that everyone's style is different and what one person deems amazing another see's as so so. However, here are a few tips you may want to try or think about as you take photos with this seasons colors.

  • Try looking for splashes or pieces of color. Don't get caught up trying to get everything in your picture.

  • Some of the best family shots are taken on the move so you can see some personality and how the family interacts in their daily life. It might not start out being one of your favorite images but the family will enjoy a few of these.

  • Take a step back. Always check your surroundings. You may miss a great shot if you are not watching closely.

  • Keep your subjects in simple clothing and simple poses so you can focus on all of the colors and it does not get too busy.

  • Find ways to take detail shots. Little hands trying things for the first time make for great shots that you are not used to seeing. Be creative. See what you can find when you look past the straight on shot.

  • Find unique backgrounds and use them to your advantage when possible. Farmers markets, corn mazes, shop displays, all of these can be great backdrops for you. You may need to ask permission first. Some places will charge a photography fee.

  • If you live near mountains get out there and explore. Thousands of shots are waiting to be taken in the great outdoors. With out the distractions or cars, people, parking lots, and other strange and random items that make it into the back of your shots you are setting yourself up for beautiful pictures when you start with beautiful backgrounds. Try to get full shots that include scenery and people, and close ups as well. (See examples below)


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