Friday, October 18, 2013

The Man-quet!

Yes you read that right. The man-quet. Similar to the bouquet for women. In all seriousness, men don't like to receive flowers. At least none I know do so instead make them a man-quet with things that interest them. I thought I had a better picture of this but I don't so you'll have to use the ole imagination. A 2 Liter of Pop makes up the center of this with a hunting magazine wrapped around the outside. Random candy bars and trail mix are stuffed down behind the magazine and the whole thing is tied off with some rope.

You can obviously customize this for any man to their interests and use it for many occasions. Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, or just because. You may want to just give it to them and not refer to it as a man-quet. You know how men are........


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