Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Fall Pillows

After looking at so many really cute decorative pillows in the stores I talked myself into needing one but they are so expensive. Especially when you are only going to use them for a month or two. So here is my solution.... Make your own but do it the easy way. I'm not a seamstress by any means though I wish I was. Instead I looked for placemats. Seasonal placemats. Placemats that were good and sturdy. Placemats that could work for the whole fall season rather than just Halloween. I found this cream leaf embroidered one and a pumpkin. Got them home, found my seam ripper and went to work. 

After making a small opening in the base of each pillow I stuffed it with poly fill and hand stitched it closed again. Done. From placemats to pillows. Each placemat was $3.99 and a bag of fill was around $5. But I still have quite a bit left for other projects. I'm thinking each pillow cost me about $5 each which definitely beats the $30 plus pillows I was admiring and I LOVE how mine turned out. May try it again for Christmas! We ll see. Good luck if you try it. Very simple. Don't worry if you cannot sew. With this project it's easy to hide mistakes on such a small hole. 



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