Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween and Fall Wreath's

I know everyone is busy. I realize it more and more everyday as I find myself with more to do's then I know what to do with and no time. But there is something about making your home festive for the Holidays. It helps create memories for your family and especially your little ones. 

As I've been thinking about a lack of time and how to handle it I've  decided there are  few ways to go about it. Either do things sloppily, which would drive me insane because I like things done right. Or drive myself crazy trying to find time among a million other things that need done to do large elaborate projects that look amazing. Or last and my chosen method, find ways to simplify so I can do a bit of everything. 

So rather than show you a long winded project I have more of a challenge for you. 

Look around your house and see what you already have that you can add to quickly or buy something small to add. In the picture below I bought this wreath almost 4 years ago. It is just a basic twig wreath from Michaels Craft but I love it because I can add small things to it each season and make it different. One of my Halloween decorations a half moon got a makeover with some ribbon and then I tied it to the side of the wreath so it looks like it belonged there all along.

This wreath below is similar. Basic white berries can have other berries, pinecones, small pumpkins, flowers, or any number of things added depending on the season. If you need berries or flowers you can usually find them at a craft store for just a few dollars for a stem of them. Easy, Easy. So adding that moon to my wreath was my accomplishment for the day and finished up my outdoor Halloween decor. Don't worry that is my only decor this year. With a new little one its lucky I have any at all. So no judging. :)


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