Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cammo Cupcakes

In honor of the start of hunting season.... ha ha.... or for a little (or big) guys birthday party these are surprisingly easy and end up with a pretty great wow factor.  I thought they would also look neat in a bunt cake pan with a white glaze frosting on them. Just a thought. I m sure there are quite a few variations you could try.

Needed Ingredients:

A yellow or white cake mix

Black and green food coloring

Frosting of your choice- I did a plain vanilla and colored it green.

Cupcake holders- I have seen Cammo ones out there which would be neat if you were doing a themed birthday party.

Simply mix up the cake batter following the instructions on the cake box. Then separate batter into 3 bowls. Leave one bowl white or yellow whichever cake type you chose. Color one of the bowls with black food coloring and one with green.
Place cupcake liners in pan and drop a tablespoon amount of black in each cupcake. Once each cake has black go back and add a tablespoon of green to each cup and finally a tablespoon of your original mix. 

Look over the cupcakes and see which needs more of what color and add accordingly until you are out of batter. 
Bake following the directions on the cake box. Frost as you'd like. 


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