Monday, October 14, 2013

Minnion Cupcakes

I absolutely adore children's movies. But not just any of them. They have to have a funny little animal or character or in this case a minnion.  I remember thinking the first movie was cute when it came out. I have yet to see the second movie but love the minnion craze that is happening at the moment. The little guys crack me up.

So in looking for a unique easy cake idea for my sisters birthday I knew I had to try these out. I saw something similar on Pinterest but had to adapt it for family cake preferences and the tools I had to use. They turned out pretty well. This would be a great cake for the kids to help you make. My younger sister got a kick out of helping make them.

Needed Ingredients/Tools:
  • Cake Mix-I used a yellow box cake mix
  • Frosting-Chocolate Fudge is what I used here
  • Smarties
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Small Ziplock
  • Twinkies 

  • Bake the cupcakes
  • Frost the Cupcakes
  • Cut Twinkies in half
  • Put a tablespoon or two in a plastic bag in the corner and snip the corner off.
  • Use a dot of frosting to stick two smarties on a half of a Twinkie. 
  • Use the frosting again to outline the smarties and make the goggles/glasses and again for a mouth. 
  • Add eyeballs with the frosting as well.
  • Place the prepared half Twinkie in the center of a cupcake
  • Place sprinkles on top of the Twinkie for hair.

  • Continue to decorate remaining cupcakes until finished. 

You are DONE!


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