Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY Halloween Felt Ornaments

I wanted a Halloween decoration that my toddler could play with that would not get ruined and that did not cost me money. So to the closet of random goods I went. I found some felt and embroidery floss and decided to make some ornaments for this "Halloween Tree." It is actually supposed to be for tea cups but I use it for a variety of things during the year. I did not have cookie cutters or anything to trace my ornaments so I just did them by hand as I went with some scissors. 

If you can't tell from the photo the two white ornaments are a moon and a ghost, and the black ornaments are a witch hat and a bat.

Fairly simple instructions: (I did them by hand but you could use a sewing machine if you wanted.) (Little girls love this project that are just learning to sew. )

Cut two matching pieces. 

Use thread to stitch them up.

Leave a small hole to fill with poly fill or other stuffing.

Add ribbon at the top.

You could easily bring in some old branches or twigs from your yard or park and put them in a container of some kind to make a Halloween Tree. Let the kids decorate and play. 


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