Monday, January 14, 2013

Pirates-Message In A Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Message In A Bottle for a Pirate or Ocean Party

For some reason it seems people of all ages enjoy pirate parties especially when the theme is done right. To use a message in a bottle for your party you can do a few things. 

Party Invitation:
The first is to purchase small plastic bottles and print the invitation on paper that is then rolled up and put in the bottle. Then deliver.

Treasure/Scavenger Hunt:
Place all of your clues in bottles and as the children find them they can take turns opening the bottle to see what the next clue will be.

Have the children make their own message in a bottle. You'll need bottles of some kind, tan or brown paper, and sand and shells if you wish. The paper can be crumpled up before or after it has been made this gives it more of an old pirate look to it. If you'd like to add sand and shells it just adds a little extra something. 

You could also have the children make their own treasure map to go inside of the bottle.

Message in a Bottle for Pirate or Ocean Party


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