Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boy Room Ideas

There are so many things that you can do with boys bedrooms. For the moment I'm more into more relaxed colors then bright reds, blues, and yellows so I loved this nursery decor. I also really like that it can grow with the boy and be changed a little bit to fit as he grows older rather than redoing the entire room. 

A sanded oar placed on the wall above the bulletin adds interest.

The bulletin board can be used to display baby shower letters, or anything you'd like for a young child and later be used to display art projects.

Baby feet were stamped in an ink pad and then placed in a frame to show how small little feet can be. First baby booties placed over the frame add visual interest and let you display them until little hands start to touch and destroy. :)
View from a child's eyes. Neutral colored walls and furniture allow you to do what you want to with other colors and accessories in the room as your child grows.


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