Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chocolate Drizzled Oreos

The Busy Girl Drizzle...

Chocolate Drizzled Oreos
Over the holidays my sister and her husband made the most AMAZING chocolate dipped Oreos. Hand dipped in milk and white chocolate, drizzled with peppermints, melt in your mouth delicious. I loved them. So as I needed to take cookies to work I thought I would try them. How hard can it be right. Dip the Oreo, place on wax paper to dry, take and eat. 
I purchased Mint Oreos thinking they would taste great covered in more chocolate. I prepared my "cooking" space, I melted my chocolate. I was ready. 
Attempt 1
I stabbed the inside of my first oreo with a new lollipop stick and dropped it into my chocolate dish. And it broke in half and lay floating there in the chocolate while I held the stick. Not ideal. No problem. I'll fix it. put the oreo back together with my hand and dipped it with a spoon and placed in on the wax paper. Staring back at me was not the perfectly dipped oreo I hoped to see but a wierd smothered thing with my fingerprint smeared across the side. No problem try again.
Attempt 2
Got out a spatula placed the Oreo upon it and dumped a tablespoon amount on the spatula somewhat coating one side. The chocolate didn't run through the spatula holes and back into the bowl like I thought. One sided Oreo. No problem. Try again. Third time is the charm.
Attempt 3
Dipped half of the Oreo in the bowl. Swirled it around. Thought, "a half dipped Oreo is better then no Oreo at all" and placed it on the wax paper. Repeated this 3 times and then thought. This is going to take FOREVER.
Attempt 4-The Drizzle-aka the busy girl Oreo Dip
Opened the package of Oreos the rest of the way. Laid them all as close to each other as possible on the wax paper. Using a spoon I loaded it with chocolate and ran it quickly up and down the rows of Oreos. After several drizzles I was out of chocolate and they were looking good. I added sprinkles and left them to dry. 
Dipped No. But Chocolate Covered. Pretty close. Close as I'm going to get and I'm happy about it Yum! :) 

Chocolate Drizzled Oreos


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