Sunday, December 2, 2012

Must Have Christmas Books

My mom is an artist. She has a way of capturing images that make your imagination run wile. As a little girl I remember watching her sketch out pictures of pumpkins, fall scenes, a girl on ice skates, and Christmas Trees covered in snow. My mom has always loved books with fantastic illustrations and has passed that love to me. I have a Children's book collection that is based on the stories yes but I put a great deal of stock into the illustrations as well. If it is not beautifully illustrated I can't get myself to purchase it. So a few of my childhood favorites that you should consider trying to find for you kids are below. You will not be sorry. 

The Christmas Bear is no longer in print but you can purchase it online at Amazon or other retailers. The pictures and the story draw you in and bring out the magic of Christmas. Both the story and the images are fantastic. The book is recommended for ages 4-7 but I would recommend it for children of all ages. The story is about a polar bear who falls through a hole in the ice and lands in Santa's cozy study. Santa then takes him on a tour of the North Pole and finishes up with Santa taking him home on his sleigh. The penguin featured on the cover follows the two through the book getting into mischief that you see in pictures only.

The Christmas Bear
By: Henrietta Stickland
Illustrated By: Paul Stickland

Book Cover
Page 1 and 2

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas
By: Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
Boys and Girls will love the cute story and illustrations in this book. Depicting dinosaurs off all kinds trimming the tree, hanging lights, and getting ready for Christmas just like humans. The book will put a smile even on your face as you are reading it. New this year. If you have a little dinosaur lover you need this book.

By: Janet Lawler
I get a kick out of dinosaurs thinking they are people and behaving so. This book follows the traditional "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as it depicts Santa as Tyrannosaurus Rex and all of his helpers as dinosaurs as well. Clever writing and entertaining pictures. This is a unique take on a classic.

 Mary Engelbreit's The Nutcracker
By: Mary Engelbreit

The classical story of the Nutcracker comes to life in Engelbreit's bright illustrations. Girls of all ages will love this story and be entranced by the pictures. Though there is a written story Engelbreit knows how to tell a story in pictures. She is incredibly good at adding those little details that let your eye wander the pages over and over.

A Merry Little Christmas
By: Mary Engelbreit
As you can tell I love Mary Engelbreit's work. I fell in love with this book in August. I checked it out at the Library for my son to read in the car on a road trip. This book is meant for younger children as the whole book teaches the letters of the alphabet. Page 1 starts with the letter A decked out with items that start with an A and a short rhyme. Each letter is represented with a part of the holiday season, adorable mice, and a part of the story. While reading this my son quickly became impatient with me as I kept pausing too long to look at all of the pictures. Little ones will love this book.

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