Sunday, December 2, 2012

12 Coolest Toys on the Planet

While looking for gift ideas for nieces and nephews I came across the Uber Review and their 12 coolest Toys of the Year. Just when I was beginning to think that video games were taking all of the fame these made the list. Some are a bit pricey but maybe they'll give you ideas of something you could do on a smaller scale. From the look of some of them you might have a hard time prying Dad away from them long enough to let Jr. try them out.

The only one I have semi experience with is the Lego T-Rex. I used a robotic T-Rex several years ago for an elaborate Birthday Party and bit surprise the kids LOVED IT. They were mesmerized that the robot could move, walk toward them, and roar. I'm not sure if the one featured here roars, but it looks like it moves and you get to build it! A little boys dream.

Anyhow... check out the list. Hope you find it as interesting as I did!


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