Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weighty Matters

If you are like me at all you find yourself waiting in endless lines at the grocery store and while you wait you end up glancing at the magazines on display in front of you. At this time of year you get all kinds of headlines promising you weight loss secrets just in time for the holidays. Never mind that the holidays are in full swing, you are frantically busy so many tasks you can't begin to keep them straight and yet you are going to have time to work out, lose weight, and be left looking great for that Christmas Eve dinner with the inlaws? I'm doubtful too. Problem is I've been suckered into purchasing these magazines much too often. Because I hold on to that one tiny hope that it might be possible to do.

Is it? We'll see. A beauty tip or fitness tip a day. If I have the energy to try at least 1 a day until Christmas anyone can. Here is to that tiny hope. Hopefully it will amount to something. 

If you are interested. One of the above mentioned articles has some tips on staying in shape for the Christmas Season.

My tip for the day is EAT. I'll freely admit I am a terrible eater. I wake up and in the rush of my morning activity rarely if ever have breakfast. By midmorning I'm starving and reach for some type of sugar packed drink or diet soda. Lunch is hit or miss but never consistent. Snack though the afternoon, followed by a late and rarely nutritious dinner. Not exactly a plan for success. 

So Day 1-Water and eating regular meals throughout the day. When you let your blood sugar dip too low one tends to overeat trying to make up for it. Hardly a recipe for success. 

First things first-WATER go to the following link:
See how much water you need to be drinking a day and DO IT.

  • Do whatever it takes to make sure you eat real food- 3 meals today. Find the time to do it. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Or if you are more of a 6 smaller meals do that. Find what works for you but find a way to eat real food and not snack on junk food for the entire day.
  •  Don't make it an impossible hurdle. Keep it simple.We all know what is healthy and what is not. Do your best to get some grains, fruits, veggies, and protein into your diet. Don't make it hard at this level of trying to eat better. Try to make one change a day and gradually eat a little bit better until you can start forming new habits.
  • Watch what you drink. Sodas, smoothies, coffees, hot chocolates, juices, are all loaded with sugar and empty calories. Be mindful of what you are consuming. Try and find ways to get your fluids without using a sugar option. Make your own smoothies, soups, water, etc. will all help out. 
  • Try salads. They are an easy way to add fruits, vegetables, and meat to your diet all in one dish and you can make them however you want you can put almost anything on a salad to make it work for you. Check out the New York Times article on 101 salads for some ideas.


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