Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas/Tips

Part of the magic of the Christmas season comes from your surroundings. Everywhere you go in December seems to have had its halls decked. There are some things in my home that I love to spend time on and other areas that I would like to come together quickly and with as much simplicity as possible so my time can be spent elsewhere.

You have heard of KISS? Keep It Super Simple. I like that. It works for me as I think the simplicity of some things makes them stand out and look better. So read on for some tips and ideas for simple holiday decor to add to items and/or spaces that will dress them up for the holidays but leave you with time to spend baking, shopping, or gasp spending time making memories with your family!

  • Add Christmas items to wreaths currently on display in your home or outdoors. I found these two Christmas Stockings at Target, added some red berries and a green bow. Finished. Simple but festive. I use this wreath all year long and just change the items on it. 

  • Table Centerpieces can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. Use your nativity set for the middle of the table. Fill a basket or bowl with scented, painted, or plain pine cones. Or dress it up with a glass container of ornaments. Stay with similar colors for a pulled together look.

  • Add greenery where ever possible. Nothing says Christmas like fresh or fake if you have to greenery. Draped on cupboards, shelves, mantels and staircases greenery will most likely add that touch you've been looking for.

  • On bookshelves and other areas of display add punches of red and white mixed together. Red makes the white "POP" and the white looks fresh and clean like snow. Add in your greenery and you have a beautiful look.

  • Mantels- Mix high and low objects to create a great look for mantels. Try not to go overboard on your mantel as you most likely have stocking to hang from it as well. Try and keep the look pulled together with everything you are adding.
  • Display a collection. I love using stars and Nativity scenes for the Holidays. Whatever you enjoy collecting or using find an interesting way to display it.

  • Look beyond the basic wreath. Try a stocking filled with pine cones and greens. Or a large star, jingle bell, or kissing ball. There are so many options outside of a green wreath.

  • Candles- Find a way to use candles, even if you are not going to light them. Place them in hurricane or mason jars. Put them in lanterns or on candle sticks. Get creative with them but do try to find a way to use them they add a bit of elegance and simplicity to your decor. 

  • Last and most important. KEEP IT SIMPLE. It's easy to get carried away with Christmas Decor because there are so many fun things out there. But don't over do it. When there is a little less going on your eye has a chance to roam and focus on the pieces that are on display rather then those special items getting lost because there are so many of them.


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