Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY Dove Ornaments

I can't get enough of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Idea Issues. This year as I was skimming an old issue I stumbled across a  cute little tree decorated in white bird ornaments in the Do It Yourself section. They looked simple but at the same time quite complicated as they had little headpieces, wings, and a little tail feather. I was intimidated only because I do not own a sewing machine and so thought it impossible for me to make them. I looked at them several times and decided I'd use the basic pattern and create my own as I would have to sew them by hand. That year I was watching money very closely and did not have a lot to spend on Christmas ornaments so I thought this would be perfect if I could get them to work.

  • Felt of your choice
  • Embroidery Thread of your choice
  • Stuffing of your choice
  • Needle 

  • I purchased a few sheets of Ivory felt and cranberry embroidery floss from the store and got to work.
  • I cut traced and cut out the pattern from the magazine.
  •  Left off the head piece, tail piece, wings, and eyes. 
  • Traced the paper patter on the Ivory felt.
  • Cut it out and sewed around the edges of the dove until I had 3 sides put together. 
  • I stuffed the little dove with toilet paper as I had no bunting and sewed up my final side. 
  • I then added a loop at the top to hang in to the tree and looked at my final product.

As I like many things quite simple I adored how the little bird turned out. I set out to make a few more so I would have a set. 5 birds later I had new decorations for my tree that I have used every year since.

Here is the finished product. Just a friendly reminder to not be afraid to use ideas from places and then make little tweaks to make them your own. Change what you need to fit your skill level, supplies, or time constraints. You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Scroll down to see the original ornament.

From the Front

My Finished Ornament-A Dove
The following link is I believe the link to the original Partridge Ornament that I used the body pattern from. If you'd like to give them a try or get the pattern for the basic bird and then change it up on your own. Good luck!

Original Ornament from BHG Magazine
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