Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY Pop Bottle Snowman

Pop Bottle Snowman

 I saw something similar to these online somewhere over a year ago and forgive me but I do not remember where. But they are fairly easy and you can use them as winter decor, a quick kids craft or for a game of Snowman Bowling for the kids.

Needed Items:

  • Empty 2 Liter Soda Bottles
  • White, Black, and Orange Paint
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Black and other colored felt of your choosing
  • Beans, Sand, or something else to place inside of the bottle to weigh it down.
  • Hot Glue
How To:
  • Rinse out the Soda Bottle
  • Add Beans, Rice, Sand or other substance of your choosing to the inside of the bottle. (Just a cup or so should do it. You don't need to fill the entire bottle.)
  • From the felt cut out a black hat. Cut a circle for the top of the hat and a long thin piece for the brim. Glue them together, then glue them on the bottle. The hat should fit over the bottle top.
  • For the scarf a simple long piece of fabric will do. Add stripes, dots, or leave plain.
  • Glue the hat and scarf on to where you choose. Do this before you do the face and buttons so you will know how much room you have.
  • Using the black marker draw your face where you would like it.
  • Complete the face by coloring your carrot nose and adding rosy cheeks.


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