Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Traditions: DIY Yearly Christmas Ornaments

I love Christmas, always have and always will. I have so many fun memories from my childhood with my siblings and family and everything that we used to do and still do today. Getting bundled up to look at Christmas lights, making ornaments, trying to stay up all night to hear Santa, and on and on.

One of my favorite traditions is a trip to a Christmas Tree Farm to pick out that perfect tree every year. Cutting it down and taking it home to decorate. This year my handmade ornaments were inspired by this yearly trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.

I found two plain wood trucks at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each. Painted them and added small boughs to the truck beds to make it look like the trucks were hauling away fresh cut Christmas Trees. As you dive in headfirst to your Christmas Traditions see what you can do to make your favorite traditions even better and maybe start a few new ones. 

Making ornaments is such a great one because each year as you pull them out of a box to decorate the tree they bring with them a memory. I was reminded of that as we helped decorate my parents tree, and I wished the box was never ending with ornaments that had meaning and not just the store bought ones that were pretty but that was it. My goal is to make sure my tree is always full of memories not just ornaments.


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