Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Ornament with Children's Hands/Feet

Handmade Ornaments to Warm Your Heart for Years

I loved making ornaments as a child and I think it is so fun to see little handprints, feet, and small thumbs on christmas ornaments. Years from now you'll be able to see their tiny hands or feet and these simple ornaments will become favorite family keepsakes. 

In case you need a few ideas scroll through the list and head over to the blog or website given for instructions. Maybe you'll find some inspiration to try something of your own. Either way Happy Creating.

Thumbprint Reindeer- Little thumbs make the head. Add nose, eyes and antlers.
Reindeer on Gift tags/Ornaments

Snowmen with Fingerprint Cheeks- I could not find a website for this one just the picture. Simply purchase or paint your own white ornaments. Add a face with paint or a black marker and use red paint for the rosy fingerprint cheeks. Kids would love making these.
Smiling Snowmen with Rosy Fingerprint Cheeks

Small Paint Handprint- Little hands on a glass ornament leave a cute imprint. Use Holiday colored paints or any other paint to match your tree.

Footprint in Salt Dough- Could do a hand as well. Simply make the dough, press in foot or hand, and let it cool. Remember a hole at the top for hanging.

Hand Print Snowman Family- A twist on the handprint in salt dough this is adorable. Have children make the members of their family in snowmen or friends, or just snowmen. This would be a great ornament to gift to Grandma and/or Grandpa.


Painted Handprint Snowmen- Rather then baking the salt dough simply find a ball in your preferred size and color use paint to make a handprint and then turn fingers into snowmen. Very creative.

Snowmen Handprints

Hand Painted Palms- Colorful ornaments like these will spice up your tree. Remember to add names and years and/or ages to your creations.


Santa and Reindeer Thumbprints
Paper Handprint- Skip the mess of salt dough and make an imprint of your child's hand on paper or card stock. Cut around it and add ribbon to be hung.


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