Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photographer Gift Ideas

No one loves the Christmas time more than a photographer. It is a picture paradise waiting to happen. Granted it can be stressful with all the low light situations you are undoubtedly put in. But oh the lights, the memories, traditions old and new, family, everyone dressed in their best.  Oh I can't wait! 

As you sip your hot chocolate and prepare for the holidays this year why not grab an ornament for your new or old passion, hobby, profession, or loved one who is interested in one of the three. Here are some of my favorites.

Vintage Camera Glass Ornament $10.50 at Pottery Barn

Camcor Gifts-Santa Camera and Santa Sleigh Camera Ornament $29.99 each

The Christmas Bear Rolleiflex Camera Ornament $22.00

All Year Christmas Personalized Christmas Ornaments $12.95 Each

Monster Marketplace-Black Zoom Lens Camera Personalized Ornament $10.99 


Cafe Press Camera Ornaments-Wide assortment $12.50 Each,646281739

Zazzle- Photography Ornaments $26.95

Lupin Handmade on Etsy $24.00


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