Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Dinosaur Mobile

Little Dinos

There are so many cute baby mobiles out and about but they are SO expensive. Instead of spending major cash why not make your own. Sure it won't necessarily turn on its own but it will definitely do the trick for your little one.
DIY Dinosaur Mobile for Child's Room

Needed Supplies:
2 large paint sticks
Fish line
Paper of choice
String or ribbon
hot glue and glue gun
Command Hook 

  • Paint the paint sticks desired color and glue them together in a "t" shape.

  • Using your paper find a stencil or print out of a shape you would like to use and trace as many as you'd like on your scapbook paper and cut out the shapes. 

  • Take a long piece of fishing line and glue the shapes to the line with a little bit of space in between. 

  • Make 5 strings of shapes. One for each end of the stick and one for the middle. Be sure and leave extra string at the top and bottom of your shapes. It is easier to cut off extra when you are done then to try and add more if needed.

  • Once your strings are done secure them to your paint sticks.

  • Add a ribbon to the top of your mobile to attach it to the hook on the ceiling. 

  • Place your command hook on the ceiling where ever you would like it and hang your mobile. Command hooks are the best for this as they will not leave a hole in your ceiling and as soon as you are done with the mobile you can take the hook off and use it somewhere else. 

Good luck. I'd love to see your finished product if you attempt to make your own! Really easy and turned out great for what it is!


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