Monday, January 7, 2013

Teaching Kids Numbers, Letters, and Colors

Little Learners Games

Little Numbers

Number Matching
I needed a memory game last week for some 8 year olds and ended up writing with a Sharpie on the back of popsicle sticks for it. As I was making their game I thought it would be so easy to make a matching game for younger kids who are learning their numbers, letters, words and/or colors. Here the number 7. Have children find all the matches for 1 to 10.

Little Letters

Letter Matching
You can play as a true matching game where they turn over two at a time and try to find the match. Or for younger children you can place all of the sticks out on the floor and have them find the match. That would work especially well for capital and lower case letter matching. Here an example of Capital/Lowercase or just the letter A.

Little Readers

For children learning to read you can make simple words with the sticks and let them see that by moving the first letter in the word it changes the entire word. 

Learning to Read Matches

Little Colors

You can use this one for shapes or colors or both. Draw a shape on the stick so that children can see the color. Then write on the stick what the color is so they can get used to seeing the color spelled out next to the actual color. For younger children place all the sticks on the ground and ask them to find the blue circle or red rectangle etc. For older children turn all the sticks over and have them find the matches.

Find your colors and/or shapes
*Best thing about all of these is they can be kept in your purse or diaper bag so you can use them when you get stuck waiting somewhere unexpectedly.


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