Friday, January 11, 2013

Pirates-Who's Who

Who's Who of Famous Pirates

This game is definitely better for older kids but they seem to really enjoy it for a pirate party. You'll provide a list of famous pirates as well as pieces of their signature on pieces of "parchment paper". The kids must then decide which signature goes with which pirate.

Needed Supplies:
  • Brown Craft/Butcher Paper
  • Black Paint or Markers
  • List of famous pirates-you decide how hard to make them (see below)

Who's Who of Pirates-Can you find the signature that matches the pirate?
  • Tear pieces of brown paper into squares that are roughly the size of an 81/2 by 11 piece of paper. 
  • Crumple up the paper several times so it looks like an old worn piece of pirate paper
  • Using your list of pirate names write a PIECE of the name on one of the papers. 
  • You want to include enough of the name that the kids can tell which pirate it is but not enough that it is so easy. You'll also want to use different fonts as to have it look like the pirate signatures.
  • Make a list of the available pirate names to go with the games so the kids have some helpful hints to use as a match.

Pirate Name Examples:
Anne Bonney
Mary Read
John Rackham
Sir Henry Morgan
Captain William Kidd
John Bartholomew Roberts


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