Friday, March 21, 2014

Bear Hats, Banners, Masks, and Books

I love browsing Pinterest and being able to see all of the kid birthday party ideas. Some of them are quite extravagant which is fine if you can do that. I can see how you would go overboard on children's parties because they are so excited about it all.

So with that in mind some Teddy Bear party ideas or you could use these for everyday fun if so needed. My favorite Bear Books are included at the bottom of the post. Check them out I think you'll enjoy them!

Teddy Bear Hats

  • Place a plate on a piece of card stock and trace half of the plate so you have a half circle. 
  • Cut it out.
  • Wrap it until you have a cone shape.
  • Add your favorite bear items to the hat.
  • Bear shown was cut out from felt pieces and glued to the hat.
  • A party hat was added to the bear. You could do it with just the bear. Or just use stamps or crayons/markers to decorate your hat and don't worry about using felt.

  • Punch holes in the side of each cone and add string or elastic long enough to go around your little ones head.
  • Draw on any pieces that you need to with a permanent black marker.

Teddy Bear Banner/Bear Masks

I'll have to get a better picture to add. This banner was ripped down and some what broken/destroyed as I was taking a picture of it. So I need to do a few repairs. 

I purchased some craft foam from Walmart and using different sized plates and cups in my kitchen cut out different sizes of circles for a bear head-dessert plate, nose-small bowl, eyes-plastic medicine cup, ears-glass. Ears and head where cut out of brown, the nose was white, and the eyes black. I then cut out my own triangle shape for the snout of the bear and added a little mouth with a sharpie marker. Hot glued it all together and then glued it to some twine. Worked great….. well until it was ripped down because I hung it too low for curious little paws! I'll try and get a better picture up soon.

*You could easily turn these into bear masks by cutting large holes out for the eyes and adding elastic to each side so it winds around the child's head. Children could then help make their own mask and wear as part of a party or bear day.

My Favorite Bear Books… I own them all and love them.

The Teddy Bears' Picnic
 Jimmy Kennedy
 Illustrated by Alexandra Day

The Christmas Bear 
Written and Illustrated by Henrietta and Paul Stickland

The Bear Snores On
Karma Wilson and Illustrated by Jane Chapman


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