Monday, February 24, 2014

Easy Eats- Frozen Yogurt

You may find yourself looking at this picture and wondering what in the world this is. It is simply frozen yogurt. If you have a little one that is a picky eater…. or if you are trying to eat healthy and looking for healthy snacks that are actually good you should give this a try. 

All you need is your favorite kind of yogurt. Sprinkles are optional. Kids love them!

Find a tray of any kind that will fit in your freezer. I used a plastic lid to one of my casserole dishes.
Fill a plastic lunch bag with yogurt.
Cut the end off
Squeeze little yogurt dots onto the sheet in rows. They don't have to be perfect mine were all different sizes.
If you want to have sprinkles sprinkle them on or have your little one help with this step and sprinkle away!
Put them in the freezer for an hour or so. Check them to see when they are frozen. Time will vary based on yogurt consistency and the size of your dots.

Scrape them off the sheet and eat them or place them in individual freezable containers to eat later as you wish.


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