Sunday, January 12, 2014

Superhero Game for Little Ones

Superheroes are all the rage at the moment much to every little boys dream. So whether you are looking for ideas for a Birthday party, a Halloween party, or just a snowy day inside this is easy to put together and boys and girls alike will love it. 

Find a clear space in your house preferably on carpet so you don't have sticky goop on your floors when you finally peel this up. Pull out your choice of tape; masking, duct tape-they have every color and pattern imaginable at Walmart, or any other type of tape you have on hand that will stick somewhat well to your carpet. Start by making a large 'X' on the floor. Then make another 'X' on top of that one but shifted a bit so just the centers overlap. Once you have two large 'X's down you can connect them starting in the middle and moving out to the edges. 

Your web should look similar to the one below. Sprinkle dollar store spiders and/or bugs on the web and then let the kids have it it. Leave them on their own to develop their own rules or tell them that they must retrieve as many spiders/bugs as possible with out touching the web. You can time them or not. Whatever fits for your age group. 
Have Fun!


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