Monday, January 20, 2014

David and Goliath "Stone Throw" activity for Kids

Another week and another Bible Story activity for your little ones!

I purchased a shower curtain from Walmart for $2.97 or less I can't remember the exact price. I then drew a picture of David and Goliath on the curtain. (Don't look too closely I'm not an artist.) 
My plan for a simple family activity is to read the story of David and Goliath found in the Old Testament (1 Samuel Chapter 17). Afterward we can talk about Goliath and his size and how David was able to defeat him. 

For the activity kids can use wadded up pieces of paper or small balls to see if they can hit Goliath as well. Have older kids stand farther back. You can ask questions before they get a chance to throw or you can just let them have a turn. Whatever works for your family.
The shower curtain can be placed over the shower rod in the bathroom, over a stair railing, on the back of the couch, between two chairs. Basically anywhere you can prop it up.


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