Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Favorite Valentine Books

Valentines Day is such a sweet holiday. Little notes, chocolate, home made Valentines, and cute stories are my favorite. While I would not mind a dozen roses on Valentines Day the small simple things are really what make this a fun Holiday. 

These stories will bring out the kid in you and have you reminiscing about afternoons spent getting your Valentine box ready for the class party. Or stuffing valentines with the conversation hearts. "One for the envelope…. 3 for me to eat, one for the envelope, a few more for me to eat." Was I the only one that did that. ha ha. 

Here are some cute stories to get you in the mood for the day of love. Kids of all ages… even big ones like you will enjoy these stories for Valentines Day!

You can purchase them any number of places but check them out on Amazon first. Most of them you are able to view the first couple of pages so you can choose which you might like the best. Don't judge a book by its cover but maybe by the first few pages. Enjoy.

The story of two mice and how they fell in love with the same Valentine. 
The Biggest Valentine by Steven Kroll Illustrated by Jenni Bassett

A picture book with perfect heart warming illustrations. Jasper the Bunny searches the forest for a special Valentine. 
The Biggest Valentine by David Peterson

 From the writer and illustrator of the "If you Give" books their Valentines book is just as charming as all the rest. Join Mouse as he makes Valentines for each of his friends and tries to make them as perfect as he can.
The Biggest Valentine by Laura Numeroff  Illustrated by Felicia Bond

 Curious George lovers will find a favorite in this simple Valentines tale of George!
The Biggest Valentine by N. Di Angelo  Illustrated by Mary O'Keefe Young

 A man tries desperately to get a love note to his Valentine who lives in the side of the mountain but can't quite seem to get it right. A true ballad the entire story has a delightful rhyme and wonderful illustrations. This is my new favorite Valentine book for the year.
The Biggest Valentine by Alison Jackson Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

 If you have never read a Splat the Cat book this is a great opportunity to do so. He is silly, somewhat goofy looking and incredibly loveable. The illustrations will have you smiling as he gets ready for Valentines and tries to look just right as he wants to give a Valentine to a special cat in his class.
The Biggest Valentine by Rob Scotten 

 I really liked this one because Gilbert the main character has a very real problem that all children and adults face. He has to fill out Valentines for EVERYONE in his class. Even the kids that are mean to him. How do you be nice to those that are not nice back? Cute story and great illustrations.
The Biggest Valentine by Diane deGroat

 Mr. Hatch receives a mysterious package from someone in town with the simple note of "Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch." He then tries to find out Who. I love the whole premise of the book. We all want to be loved and more importantly told. Even anonymously.
The Biggest Valentine by Eileen Spinelli Illustrated by Paul Yalowitz

Little Critter books have been around for ages. I continue to love them through every season mainly for their simplicity and for the mouse and spider that are "hidden" on most if not all pages. Makes the story fun to look for them.
The Biggest Valentine by Mercer Mayor

 Mary Engelbreit. Enough said. I can never get enough of her illustrations and am in the process of making all of her books part of my Children's book collection. A cute valentine story will adorable pictures. Ann Estelle and her cute scotty dog get ready for the big day. Although this book is great for all kids. Little girls would probably enjoy it a bit more than boys.
The Biggest Valentine by Mary Engelbreit


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