Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Elf On The Shelf Visits 7 Times

Growing up my mom had an elf that she sat on top of her clock during the month of December. He never did anything but we were told he had been sent from Santa to "watch" us to make sure were being good. 
Avery the Elf 

Then the Elf on the Shelf craze hit. Don't get me wrong I love the idea. I have seen dozens of pinterest pins about it, seen friends post on Facebook each day about what their elf has done for the kids. I love it but then I think 24 or 25 times you have to think of something uber creative and find the time amid Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, decorating, neighbor gifts, Christmas parties, extended family functions, and all of the other things that are happening in your home day to day. 

My solution. My elf can sit quietly on the shelf most of the time… just watching. But a few times a month, 7 to be exact he can leave little treats. Assuming I can get everything ready in advance, which I did because I used easy household items for my treats I can choose if I want his visits spread throughout the month or just done the week of Christmas every day. 

So below I'll share my elf treats and variations you could use. Hats off to all of you who do a full 25 days. I'm impressed but as of now that is not in me. Maybe in a few years I'll work my way up to it. :)

Treat Items
Candy Canes
Sprite or any other drink.
Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Packet
Chocolate Marshmallow Snowmen-or any treat home made or packaged.
Oatmeal and colored sprinkles

Day 1
Sprite-You could use any drink you have on hand. Caprisun/Juice box/bottled water etc. 
I glued some snowflakes on it so it would look a little different and attached the following note.

"My name is Avery the elf and I have come to stay
To keep a sharp eye on your until Christmas Day.

So try to be good in all that you do,
If you are you might get a treat or two!

I've brought a little something to drink,
Elves love it, try it and see what you think."
Elf Sprite De Light

Day 2
I used chocolate marshmallow covered snowmen that I'm using as stocking stuffers as well I just pulled 2 out of the pack. But you can use any treat you'd like for this one.
The Note that is attached-
"My Dear you see to be oh so sweet, 
Have some of Mrs. Claus' favorite treat!"

Day 3
Unpopped Microwave Popcorn- I made a simple label for it "Elf Snow Pop" and the note-

"A special treat I have brought from the pole,
It must be popped before eating and is white like fresh fallen snow."
Elf Snow Pop Popcorn

Day 4
Candy Canes
"I see you have been trying to help your Mom and your Dad,
I must tell Santa you have been far from bad.

Nothing says Christmas like RED AND WHITE….
So savor the flavor lick by lick!"
Candy Canes from the Elf

Day 5
Marshmallows-Can be white or colored- "Snowman Poop"
"Let it snow, Let it snow,
Because didn't you know?

Snowmen pop up when snow comes to town,
I've collected some snowman poop for you… it's good don't frown!"
Marshmallows…. "Snowman Poop"

Day 6
Oatmeal mixed with colored sprinkles-"Reindeer Food"
"A girl as cute as you must not mind, 
Being told you are just as cute as you are kind.

So I know you'll not forget the reindeer that come on Christmas Eve,
I have brought you magical deer food for you to leave…

They'll be tired from flying and need a bit to munch on,
So as they wait for Santa leave some sprinkled on your lawn."

Reindeer Food- Oatmeal and colored sprinkles

Day 7
Hot Chocolate Mix- If you use it in a large container just put a servings worth in a plastic baggie.
"The Polar Express will come through town tonight,
Racing under the Christmas Eve stars shining bright.

In case you are asleep when the train whistles by,
I've snatched you thier hot chocolate good enough to make you sigh.

Drink it before bed after you've put out Sant's plate of treats,
And you are sure to dream of sugar plums good enough to eat.

You've been a good little girl I'll report to the big guy,
I've had fun this week/or month with you but it's time to say good bye.

Have a very Merry Christmas my dear,
I'll be back to see you next year!"
Polar Express Hot Chocolate

A weeks worth of treats from your Elf on the Shelf… easy things you probably have in your cupboard.
7 Days of Elf on the Shelf


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