Friday, January 4, 2013

Superhero 6-Vaporize a Villian

Superhero Day 6

Our week of Superheroes is coming to a close. On to pirates or cowboys... I haven't quite decided which yet.

Every superhero needs to defeat a villain of some kind. This game can be done in several different ways. So read on and customize as you like. Happy Vaporizing! :)
  • Using 2 Liter Soda bottles print out pictures of Villains from online. Tape them to the bottles. Use one certain villain or a few. Have the children use water guns to knock down/vaporize the villains.
  • Do every thing same as above but add sand or water to the bottles to make them heavier so it takes more to knock them over. Use nerf guns, balls for bowling, frisbees, or any other "tool" that can be safely thrown and see how many pins the kids can knock over.
  • Use smaller bottles and put them in a small child's pool so they float. Then use whatever you would like... nerf guns, balls, water balloons, etc to hit the somewhat moving targets.


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