Friday, January 18, 2013

Magical Sleeping or Pixie Dust

Magical Pixie or Sleeping Dust

Every child I have ever known has loved anything magical. This magical sand is no exception. This has many uses and can be changed to fit your needs. The labels here are for a sleeping dust that you could use on Christmas Eve, on Tooth Fairy nights, or for a party as Magical pixie dust. Just change the labels  as needed. 

You will need simple glass containers from around the house, labels, and edible powders from your kitchen. I used Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Jello, and sprinkles. That way if/when the kids do happen to eat it it will taste sweet rather than turning into a weird flour paste in their mouths.

You can use colored jello and mix two colors to achieve a desired color. Red and blue mixed here made a purple powder. 

If you are using multiple jars like this give each child a ziploc bag or another container and then give them a bit of each as you would like and have them mix it all together to make whatever magical potion you'll be making.


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