Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boredom Busters-Mini Pick up Sticks

Looking for indoor games and activities for your kiddos during the cold winter months? When playing outside is not an option and you've had one too many movies playing try some simple games from items that you most likely have around the house. 

Mini Pick Up Sticks

Just a quick twist on the old classic game of pick up sticks. Use colored toothpicks instead. The toothpicks are most likely in your cupboard already, plus the smaller size is easier for little hands. If you want to make the game harder for older children give them a pair of tweezers and tell them they can't use their fingers. Only tweezers. 

Simply give the kids a handful of toothpicks, toss them into a carpeted surface and have them taking turns trying to pull out a stick without moving any of the other sticks. See how many sticks you can get. 


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