Monday, December 31, 2012

Superhero Kryptonite Toss

Superman Kryptonite Toss

Day 3 of Superhero Ideas. This one is for Superman. A Kryptonite Toss. Simply take a shower curtain, white or clear and paint planets, moons, stars, etc. on it with acrylic paint or sharpie markers. Cut out a few holes on some of the planets. 

Superman Kryptonite Toss
To play try to find green balls or kryptonite of some kind. I found some cool green balls at Walmart that are rubbery and spiky on the outside and light up on the  inside when bounced. Leave the curtain on the ground and see if kids can hit the holes you cut out. Or find a way to hang the curtain and have the kids through the "Kryptonite" through the holes you cut out.

Fun little game that is fairly easy to assemble. You may even be able to find a shower curtain with planets already printed on it. You could cut out the holes were ever you like. Or if you'd like to avoid cutting the curtain choose certain planets and see if the kids can just hit them or get a green bean bag to land on them.

(This picture was of the curtain on the floor. The yellow sun and the red star have been cut out so a ball or bean bag could be thrown through them if the curtain was hanging.)


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