Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ultimate Pirate Birthday Party Decor

There is something so mysterious about pirates that everyone seems to love them. Pirates done right can be such a great party theme for a child of any age. Here are some decoration tips, how to's, and ideas that hopefully you can use on your next birthday party should you choose to have your little ones walk the plank.

Skull and Crossbones Sail
  •  You could probably use about any material you wanted here. I used an old canvas type material, slit it down the middle and then had a skull and crossbones painted on it with black acrylic paint. You can make this as big or as small as you would like. The bigger it is the more of a statement it makes. Looks great over a door way or leading in to your party.
  • Remember to cut the edges so they look ragged and torn like a pirate sail would.
Pirate Sail

Anchors Away
  • The brown anchor you see in the corner is made from newspaper, masking tape and paint.
  • Roll up newspaper tightly to the desired thickness and tape the parts together to form an anchor. 
  • You'll need to curve the bottom portion.
  • Cover the entire anchor in duct or masking tape to add strength. 
  • Add triangles to the bottom sides of the anchor
  • Paint
  • Use where wanted
  • Using black construction paper and oatmeal containers.
  • Cover the oatmeal containers in black paper.
  • Add an end and cut out a hole in the center. 
  • Position where you would like them.
  • Add shells, sea creatures, and nets where ever possible. It adds to the pirate theme and can usually be found in your home or for a low cost.
  • Pictured below is also the outside of a pirates quarters. Brown butcher paper was crinkled up and then colored brown with a brown crayon that had all of the paper taken off of it. 
  • Add trees or greenery wherever possible if you are going with pirates on an island.

Pirate "Wood" Signs

  • Using cardboard boxes pull them apart, cut them up to the shape of sign you would like. 
  • Paint whatever you would like the sign to say and place them around the house or yard for added pirate effect.
  • Sign Suggestions:
              Pirates Ye Be Warned
              Turn Back Now
              Pirates Cove 
              Captains Quarters 
              YO HO 
               A Pirates Life for Me
  • Go over it in brown crayon if you would like so it looks more like wood.
  • Add grey circles for "nails" on the signs with multiple layers of cardboard

Pirate Signs

Pirate Signs

Pirate Ship Decor

  • This area was made to look like the inside of a pirate ship. Candle sticks from a local thrift shore hold half burned candles, along with an old alarm clock and a random piece of metal was turned into a weight system by attaching two coconut halves to it. (bottom left of picture)
  • Objects gathered from around the house include a globe, a small chest, a lantern, child's Tinkerbell toy, and a lamp. Placed together look like they belong on this Pirate Captains Desk.
  • Finish the look with a net, colored stones, pirate coins, and a treasure map purchased from the dollar store.
Pirate Captain Desk

Milk Jug Skeletons
Milk Jug Skeletons
  • I first found the pattern for these at but can't seem to find it now. Possibly because it is not Halloween. Anyhow there is a tutorial available on You Tube at
  • Save up some milk jugs and try these out. Once you use them for your party you can save them for Halloween decorations.
Milk Jug Skeletons

  • When assembled spray paint the skeletons white and add simple clothes from scraps of fabric. Add bandannas, sashes , pants, and eye patches if available.

 A Pirates Life For Me

  • Old plates and gold coins work great to dress up the table pirate style. Milk jug pirates are fun for kids rather then being scary. Make the mouths smiling and you'll have a more fun effect.
  • Add glass jars from around the house and small tea lights inside for a candle like effect.

Hope you enjoyed the decor ideas. Tomorrow suggestions for pirate activities, games, and crafts for your party!


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