Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tiny Toes

Baby feet continue to enthrall me on a regular basis. So small, precious, soft, chubby, and kissable. Any adult or child near enough to a baby to touch them will almost always immediately grab for the cute little feet. No matter how many times you kiss them, stroke them, tickle, or photograph them they always leave you wanting more.  Do a search on Pinterest and you'll find baby feet galore. It seems we are all obsessed with how small baby feet can be. There is just something about those tiny tiny toes.

There are plenty of plaster kits on the market to make imprints of your little ones feet as they grow but have you tried clay? Mix up a batch and take a few imprints of your baby/toddler/child's foot. Use the final product as decor in their bedroom. One day you'll be able to reminisce about how small those feet once were.


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