Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Home Decor

Find Time for Turkey.....Or Pie!

Home decor is a hobby, passion, and even a career for many. While I enjoy it all year long there is something about the holidays that leaves me wanting to fill every nook in my home with soft light, warmth, and the detailed touches of the current holiday. These small touches can be surprisingly simple and with minimal effort on your part will refresh your home to add that bit of holiday homey feel you've been waiting for all year long. 

Bring natural elements indoors with warm color palettes, a variety of textures, and shapes aplenty. Here is to helping you find simple decor ideas for the big day so you'll have plenty of time to focus on delicious food, family, and the inviting home you created.

  •  Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Real or fake, orange or white, pick your pumpkin, find a sprig of fall color to add to the top or place around the base.  Use on side tables, as a centerpiece, or add to any lonely corner of your kitchen or living areas.

  • This pumpkin was used for Halloween and then painted white to be used for Thanksgiving. 

  • Wheat left in the sun drenched fields of summer is the perfect visual feast to add to your Thanksgiving table. Gather a bundle from a field or side of the road, cut the base as you would a fresh bouquet of flowers and finish with a sleek ribbon with a bit of sheen which will emphasize the rough texture of your roadside find. (Wheat bundles can also be purchased from craft and home decor stores.)

  • Greet your family and friends with a simple berry wreath. No fuss added please and thank you. Create eye catching appeal by choosing a ribbon with a simple texture and a rich autumn hue.

  •  A simple vine saves oh so much time. Add a leaf garland to end tables, cupboard tops, bookshelves and incorporate it into your existing items. Wrap garlands or real branches in, around, and through items as you see fit. The pop of color adds that little extra touch.


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