Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do It Yourself Fairy Party

Not your Ordinary Fairy Party

Life is busy and there are so many things going on that require our adult attention that it becomes easy to do a quick and easy birthday party, or schedule something at the nearest fun center. The memorable parties that you spend a little extra time on can be just as easy with small do it yourself projects that you and your kids can do together. With just a little extra effort you can transform your home or yard into a dreamland for your kids and their next birthday bash. Below are some fairy party ideas for your little girls. I'm all about atmosphere at parties which tends to lead to a little bit of magic being created for kids and if you are lucky adults. :) There is nothing better then kids coming to your party and saying WOW!  Use the ideas below for inspiration to let your imagination run wild and you'll have a party you and your little ones will remember for years.

Let the Magic Begin-Creating a Fairy Village

Fairy Doors:
  • Using card stock for an indoor party and cardboard for an outdoor party; cut out small doors and paint or use markers to make the outsides of each door different.

Fairy Homes:

  • Using popsicle sticks and glue put together different types of houses for your village. Break off sticks to make different sizes of homes. You can also use sticks and leaves from the yard to make these little homes appear more real. 

  • Once your house is created use markers and/or paint to make it your own. Glitter is also nice to add the "fairy dust".

  •  Short on time? Save empty food containers from your house to make a fairy house. Cupcake liner containers, toothpick boxes, baby food jars, small boxes and cans. (Watch the lip of metal cans.)

  • You can also purchase small bird houses from a craft store and decorate them to be a small fairy house and save yourself part of the creation mess.
  • Fairy Houses can be made at your party by those in attendance or made by you in advance and used for party decor. 

Fairy Footprints and lanterns:

  • Using any color of paper or craft foam you prefer, cut out small circles to represent fairy footprints. This is much easier then cutting out actual feet.

  • Place the footprints around the village and leading out of the homes and doors. 

  • Glue dots are a great way to attach these little prints.

  • Use Garden Lanterns or other objects from the house to act as additional fairy homes.

Putting It All Together:

  • Use trees in your yard or fake and/or real ones in your home to create a fairy village. Christmas lights or pink and purple lights strung through the tree add a little extra something and should go on first to allow you to place the fairies and fairy houses on second.
  •  In the picture below cardboard boxes covered in brown paper made the back drop for a fairy village. The same look can be accomplished outdoors in dirt/plants/flowerbeds. Use whatever you have. You would be surprised the items from around your house that will work for a fairy village.

  • Place your fairy doors and houses around your fairy village location. Houses can be placed inside trees or at the base of trees/plants. When fairy doors are placed on walls, trees, rocks, bricks etc. it takes only a small stretch for children to imagine a fairy living behind it.
  • If you are outdoors sprinkle glitter at the entrance to each fairy home. If you are indoors you may want to use confetti that would vacuum up more easily than glitter or skip this step all together.
  • Add Fairy Footprints to the area you would like them.
  • A closer look at footprints and doors.
  • Optional-Use small plastic fairies to add to the stick houses. Or give as a party favor with the house the party attendees made.

Fairy houses hanging in the tree.

Fairy Party Activity and Craft Ideas:

  • Dress up- Have each child come in costume. Add glitter eye shadow to them and glitter hairspray to complete the look and have them believe is fairy dust. 
  • Face painting-Use stencils of flowers, butterflies, suns, etc. and a sponge to add face paint on cheeks or hands.
  • Fairy House making-See above.
  • Fairy Wands-Using dowels from any craft store and a piece of foam or card stock star/heart/butterfly shape of your choosing have children decorate the shape and glue it to the top of the wand. Ribbon can be added at the top to give it some extra flair.
  • Fairy Wands continued- Using a dowel from a craft store and hot glue make a pattern on the top 3/4 of the dowel. When children are ready to make their wand they can use markers to color the glue and wand portion. This turns out very well.
  • Fairy Names-On two sheets of paper create fairy first and second names. See Below for ideas. Write down the names on separate colored sheets and place first names in one bowl and second names in another. Have the children draw a name from each bowl to create their fairy name. You could also use the child's first name and just add a first or second name to it. Example: Silver Sarah, Megan Mist, Starry Rachel, Hayley Dew.
First Names           Second Names
Snowy                    Dust
Tink                        Drop
Dew                        Dew
Autumn                  Twilight
Evening                  Mist
Spring                     River
Moon                     Beam
Starry                     Sky
Winking                 Snowflake


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