Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Mantel Ideas

As I started to decorate my mantel for Christmas I found myself stumped. I have so many ideas and items that I want to use that I can't make a decision. In my book less is more. I don't want something crazy going on with too much competing for eye space. So after looking online for some ideas I found 48 ideas from Midwestern Living. Check them out on their website at

I've attached my favorites here. Hopefully I can use some of these to make up my mind. As much as I would love spend oodles of money on Christmas decor that is not in the cards so I love the idea of using what you already have to make it new/different then the year before. Hope you find some inspiration for your home. Many of these could be used on kitchen tables, mantels, entry tables, dresser tops. 

Pine cones, Boughs, Upside down pots-Au Natural

Perfectly Christmas-Love the details

Personalize it with your Hobby or Collection

Decorate above and below for WOW

Aw Seashells-I use these year round or I would seriously consider it.

Trip Down Memory Lane-add pictures from the past and present

Pine cones! Simple and Beautiful

Keeping It Simple

Make a Message-Keep top simple to focus on your message 

Splash of Red with Boughs of Green

Planted little trees and covered the dirt with acorns. Love the colored dishes.

For the Readers 

Extra Festive


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