Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tips for Pics with your LO (Little One)

So much fun to photograph babies. Everything is brand new to them. If you are lucky enough to catch a shot of them with bright wide eyes and a smile you feel like you've taken a great photograph. Baby wonderment. Yes that is a word. (I'm sure its not a real word but.... could be now. :)) A few tips from an aspiring photographer in the making:

* Zoom In-the more of the frame you can fill with the baby or part of the baby;  chubby hands, bright eyes, smile, body, cute little feet, chubby stomach rolls, and on and on the better. 

* Use a prop or two but don't go overboard. Nothing ruins baby shots like too many props. Baby should be your subject. Don't take away from all of the little features and expressions that will naturally make your photo a great one.

*Lose the clothes. Diaper shots let you see all of the adorable parts of a little one. Things that are only adorable at a young age. You'll want to remember these little details.

*Find someone to help you. Dad, Grandma, a sibling. Your adorable little subject might not want to smile for you when your face is hidden behind the camera. Find someone baby knows to stand nearby and help
you get a response from baby.

*Take plenty of pictures. While you are shooting you will think you have a great shot. You might. But just in case make sure you take ample pictures so that you are sure to capture what you are wanting to. You don't want to miss the smile you've been waiting for and get it a second too late when it has changed just a bit. You can always get rid of those pictures you don't want.

*Watch your backgrounds as much as possible. It can be hard to pay attention to the whole shot when you are trying to keep a small one captivated and in a good mood but nothing ruins a picture faster then a chain link fence, a garbage can, a telephone pole etc. sticking up in the back of your photo. Yes you can crop but sometimes that doesn't save your picture.

*Try new things. You never know what might work out. Some may not but why not try. Have fun. A photo shoot with your baby shouldn't be a stressful nightmare. You are making memories with your tikes. Make sure it is one they would want to remember even if they are too small to remember it for now. If baby is not in the mood for your creative project take a break. Come back later or try another day. 


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